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    about me

    I am a web developer working with HTML, CSS, Javascript, Git and Ruby at alternative finance pioneers,  Zopa.

    I volunteer with Women Who Hack For Non-Profits, making web apps for charities.

    Before becoming a developer I managed a section of a national news site for a year, as the editor of Ampp3d, a multimedia data site that was part of the Mirror. This is what I learned there. I ran a team of 5 writers, graphicists and a developer to pull off scoops, produce visual tabloid-friendly data journalism and several kooky javascript widgets.

    In 2013-14 I worked as an online reporter / producer at Channel 4 News. There, I wrote for FactCheck, the Orwell-prize winning blog on topics such as Does putting cameras on cops make them behave better? and Are 20 per cent of London marriages bogus? and covered a whole range of news stories.

    A short documentary about a gay bar in Troubles-racked Northern Ireland that I co-directed made it onto the site. The documentary has received further funding for a longer cut from Channel 4’s short film strand – Shooting Gallery – for young directing talent.

    I was previously a technology reporter for  a Wall Street Journal blog. The second post I wrote there was rerun in the international print edition.

    Before that I worked for just under two years as a reporter on technology news site The Register. At The Register – the UK’s biggest tech site – I scooped the tech problems behind the RBS/Natwest banking software glitch that affected 17 million people, tracing the technical flaw behind the crash and linking it to wider practices at the bank. I wound up with an appearance on Sky News and Channel 4 news, and references in The Daily Mail, Sun and Telegraph.

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    I used to be the editor of tech website  ShinyShiny. A scoop there that got picked up by New York Magazine, the Guardian and Gawker was about Apple forcing magazines to censor their fashion editorial for the iPad editions. I’ve also been technology editor on Anorak.co.uk, and have worked for Time Out Travel, the BBC homepage and Diva Magazine.


    I have written about technology for Vice, The Independent, The Evening Standard, Wired.co.uk.

    And about other things for  Jezebel, the Guardian, the New StatesmanDiva magazine, The Observer and Dazed and Confused.

    Before all that, I wrote content about dogs for a social network for dog-owners. It was called “facedog” and has sadly been removed from the internet.



    In 2009 I won The Independent’s Wyn Harness Young Feature Writer of the Year competition with this story



    I am the editor and co-founder of TheMostCake

    I’ve been interviewed for Vogue UK.. and blogged about it , and have been quoted in Slate and in a post-apocalyptic description of east London by French magazine Les Inrockuptibles.

    This is my contribution to the Northern Irish peace process.